Printmaking workshops and courses

Printmaking Workshops and Courses

The next printmaking workshop is on 24th November 2019

Printmaking workshops and courses are either intaglio or relief. Or a combination of both. Therefore giving the participant a taste of the following methods.

Intaglio print. An image is incised into a metal plate. Ink is held in the surface of the plate where the metal is incised. The plate is printed onto damp paper through a press.

Relief print. The wood or lino is cut using special tools, leaving raised surfaces. Paper is laid over the lino or wood and rubbed with a flat object by hand therefore creating the print.

Non acid techniques. 

Monoprint or Monotype. Artwork is directly produced onto metal or perspex using ink. Damp paper is laid over the image and passed through the press. This produces free flowing designs.

Drypoint. The drawing is scratched into the surface of the plate. A steel needle or diamond point is used. The delicate greys are characteristic of this method.

 Collagraph Printmaking of sea scape

Scape series No. 11

Collagraph. Above all one of the advantages of the collagraph is creating a plate. This may be cardboard or metal. To create a variety of textures glue fabric, paper, sand and sugar to the surface. Plates can also be cut and layers removed.

Lino. First of all a drawing is made onto the linoSections of the lino are cut out. A first colour is printed then these sections are removed therefore allowing multiple colours to be added.

Acid Techniques.

Etching. An intaglio process. Essentially a metal plate corroded with acid. A drawing is made into a hard wax ground. Therefore exposing the metal to the acid. A soft ground is also applied. Textures are created by impressing materials into the ground.


 Printmaking workshops are one day from 10.30 am – 4.30 pm

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday

 Workshops Cost:  £80.00 per day including materials*

*printmaking paper, tool, plate


Horse's head created using linocut printmaking

Wild Horse

Printmaking workshops and courses

Lamp light

Printmaking workshops and courses are for adults.

I welcome complete beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Booking essential. To reserve a place please go to the contact page.

Refreshments provided. Please bring a packed lunch.

See the future events page.