Future Events

Future Events

Here you will find out about Future Events in printmaking, painting and drawing. Including workshops, courses and exhibitions. Plus studio hire.

The next drawing workshop is on 18th November 2019. All drawing workshops and courses introduce the basics using pencil, charcoal and other drawing media.  First of all I encourage everyone to experiment with exciting mark making. A practical day introducing some interesting techniques.

Future events Drawing workshop Winter apple tree

Winter apple tree pencil drawing

Drawing courses future events Onions charcoal on paper

Onions charcoal on paper

wild horse drawing using charcoal

Wild Horse charcoal on paper










The printmaking workshops and courses aim to teach the different techniques. Monoprint and drypoint  producing free flowing and intricate designs. Collagraph discover this valuable method creating plates and producing some exciting prints. Lino make colourful images without the need of a press. Etching perhaps the most well known of all the print techniques. Gain the skill of etching whilst creating fine lines and interesting textures. First workshop to print your own Christmas cards is on October 27th.

printmaking workshop

printmaking workshop

acid etching of lamp. Showing the velvet blacks and texture.

Lamp light etching

Printmaking workshops printing press and printmaking area of the studio

Printing press and print area in the studio








The next painting workshop will take place on 21st October 2019. Here you will be given the chance to mix your own colours. Therefore creating light, tone and depth. Furthermore all will have the opportunity to paint with rags.

October sea oil on canvas

October sea oil on canvas

Crocosmia oil on canvas

Crocosmia oil on canvas








Booking essential.

Please go to the contact page. Stating which workshop you would like to take part in.

Print your own Christmas Cards

examples of printed cards

Following the success of last years event. The first Printmaking workshop to print your own Christmas Cards will take place on October 27th. The second on November 24th.

examples of hand printed cards