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Artist’s Statement

“My artwork allows me to express my response to nature and the environment.  In all my work I try to communicate a sense of atmosphere.

I find the elements of the sea invigorating, often working ‘en plein air’. Architectural subjects also hold my interest. Especially monumental structures such as cathedrals and historic ruins. As I continue in my research I discover my interest also lies in the texture of the buildings. I make collages and works on canvas built up with thin layers of oil. Working in this way, has moved me towards printmaking and a more sculptural approach.  This allowed me to produce a series of etchings and sand castings. 

My interest in the sea and architectural structures now includes the land, sky and geological studies. I examine not only the texture of the land, depth of the sea but also the composition of the sky. I find printmaking invaluable. Using this medium I develop texture and depth of tone within my work. In my current practice, as well as drawing, painting and printmaking I am developing a definite sculptural approach.”